QFT and Group Needed

materials for courses and lectures, ITP-CAS, 2021

Symmetry and S-matrix in QFT

space-time symmetry, partial wave amplitude, unitarity and dispersion

  • States under space-time symmetry

  • S-matrix transformed under little group

  • Partial wave expansion

  • unitarity


  • Textbook with Weinberg

    • Weinberg, QFT volume 1

    • Alan D. Martin, T. D. Spearman, Elementary particle theory, 1970

    • YU. V. Novozhilov, Introduction to Elementary Particle Theory, 1975

    • H. Muirhead, The Physics of Elementary Particles, 1965

Space-time Symmetries

  • Lorentz and Poincare Symmetries

  • Conformal and de Sitter Symmetries

  • Galileo Symmetry

    • Book: Kurt Sundermeyer, Symmetries in Fundamental Physics

Spinor-Helicity and On-shell Amplitude

S-matrix and Dispersion theory

  • Gabriel Barton, Introduction to Dispersion Techniques in Field Theory, 1965

  • Jan Hilgevoord, Dispersion relations and Causal Description, 1960

  • N. M. Queen, G. Violini, Dispersion theory in High-energy Physics, 1974

  • Space-time symmetry and Internal symmetry

Dynamics and Action in QFT

Lagrangian and path integral, gauge theory, QCD and EW theory

Many modern textbooks after 1975.

Group theory