Spacetime Symmetry Breaking

Daniel Naegels, An introduction to Goldstone boson physics and to the coset construction, arXiv: 2110.14504.

Geometric Coset Structure

Many of the spacetime symmetries are non compact – e.g. dilatation, translations, boosts, etc. This indicates the useful group theory properties are not anymore systematically verified. Fortunately, the coset construction can be related to differential geometry, where non compact group could be developed.

Coset structure and General relativity analog. Yi-Ning

spontaneous breaking of the conformal group to the Poincare group

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studied the spontaneous breaking of the conformal group down to the Poincare group.

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Condensed matter application

With an explicit computation of the oscillation modes of the lattice, it can be noticed that the number of NG modes are linked to the breaking of translations and that the rotations do not provide additional massless excitations.

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Dilatation Symmetry Breaking

it is the NG mode associated to the breaking of dilatation while the breaking of the special conformal transformations is not providing additional NG modes.

the single dilaton associated to the breaking of dilatation symmetry and of special conformal transformation symmetries

Cosmological dilatation.