Welcome to the homepage for Prof. Jiang-Hao Yu’s research group.

I am Jiang-Hao Yu, professor at Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (ITP-CAS). I obtained my Ph.D. at Michigan State University on 2012, and then worked as postdoc researcher at University of Texas at Austin and University of Massachusetts at Amherst before I held a position at ITP-CAS at 2017. For my personal introduction in Chinese version, please look at here. 中文介绍见这里

Jiang-Hao Yu 于江浩

My research area is theoretical particle physics and particle cosmology, and I am interested in

  1. origin of the Higgs mass and neutrino masses,
  2. origin of matter anti-matter and dark matter,
  3. theory and pheno of effective field theories.

Recently I am focusing on naturalness and shape of Higgs potential, standard model and chiral effective field theory, electroweak phase transition and baryogenesis, dark matter and its cosmological signatures.

If you are interested in my research, please check out my publications at INSPIRE-HEP webpage. If you would like to visit ITP-CAS, feel free to contact me via email.

In this research group, currently we have several postdocs:

  • Chao Wu 邬超 (2022.09 - )
  • Guang-Hui Zhou 周光辉 (2022.12 - )
  • Hua-Yang Song 宋华洋 (2021.09 - , joint postdoc )

and graduate students:

  • Zhe Ren 任哲
  • Yuan-Zhen Li 李沅桢
  • Yu-Han Ni 倪郁涵
  • Hao Sun 孙浩
  • Yi-Ning Wang 王一宁
  • Yong-Kang Li 李永康
  • Run-Ke Zhang 张润轲 (2023 - )

If you would like to apply Postdoc in my research group, or if you would like to do your Master/Ph.D. degree with me, please contact me via email.